The Problems Of A Small Business Network Configuration…

Typically Only Show Up Over Time

Usually companies start off by buying a bunch of computers and a server. They find a trusted IT provider and get their network set up. When everything is new, things work great and everyone is happy.

The problem is that tech hardware notoriously has a short lifecycle. As the hardware ages, it slows down, and so do the applications running on it. Your employees find it harder and harder to get their work done. Operations slow down and frustration rises.

It doesn’t make sense to you financially to replace all your hardware before it fails. So…you limp along—unhappy and dissatisfied. You buy new hardware—only when something breaks down. Now you have a few happy people (on the new hardware) and a bunch of unhappy people (on the old hardware).

Virtual Desktop Easily Solves These Problems

You Get Optimum Performance Without Big Capital Outlays

Multiple Devices Connect To Onsite Server
  • Processing occurs at the device level.
  • Satisfactory device performance declines with age of device.
  • Devices replaced only when “broken”. Some users have old devices and some have new or newer devices.
  • User experience is uneven depending on age of their devices.
  • On older devices, applications run slowly and can’t perform optimally.
  • User dissatisfaction and work interruption increases as devices age.
  • Regular device and server replacement requires large capital outlay.
  • Capital costs are based on estimates not actual need.
  • Scaling up requires hardware investment. Scaling down means idle hardware.

Instead, you have a cloud environment, with all applications available to you. Your old devices connect to a virtual PC in our data center—and run like a brand-new device.

The processing happens at high speed on our virtual PC. You need no special hardware, and we provide the virtual infrastructure. We build a great network and let you “borrow it”. You pay a monthly per-user fee, and it’s easy to scale up or down on the number of users.

We set up a “golden image” which is a pre-configured template for your virtual machine (VM). This template contains all the applications your users need—set up to function as your users need. When we update the virtual PC on our server, all other virtual PCs immediately have the same updates.

As a user’s needs change, the golden image is fine-tuned and perfected over time. Every user always has the same experience—no matter what device they log in from or where they are located.

Multiple Devices Connect To Cloud Server
  • Processing occurs at the cloud server level.
  • Device performance is driven by the cloud server.
  • Outdated devices perform like new devices.
  • All users have the same experience – of working on optimally-performing devices.
  • Applications reside in the cloud, and always run fast and perform optimally.
  • User satisfaction shoots up, and device age no longer causes work interruption.
  • Monthly subscription model replaces the need for large capital outlays for regular devices and server replacement.
  • Subscription costs are based on actual need.
  • It’s easy to scale up or down without large capital costs.

Benefits Of Virtual Desktop

  • Hardware problems and expense are a thing of the past. You don’t constantly need to buy replacement servers or computers. It’s easier to forecast your costs.
  • Device life is extended indefinitely. Only a true device mechanical failure might require a new device purchase.
  • Devices—if they should need to be replaced—can often be replaced with low-cost machines.
  • We take care of licensing for all applications. You always get the latest version on your virtual desktops—updated automatically for you.
  • In case of any problems with a new version, version rollback across 
  • If any type of problem should crop up, we fix it once on the virtual PC on our server. The problem is immediately also fixed for all your other devices.
  • Your backups happen automatically in the background—without your having a single worry. Your business is always protected from any type of disaster event.
  • Employees can work on either PC’s or Apple devices without compatibility issues.
  • Work-in-session is available when you reconnect to My Cloud from another device. Your passwords are available across all devices. Start your day from a device in your home, then move to another device in the office, then jump to another desk and work from there.

Virtual Desktop And The Pandemic

The Covid pandemic proved the true value of our Virtual Desktop to our customers.

  • Our Virtual Desktop customers didn’t miss a beat when the Pandemic struck. Their operations weren’t interrupted. They were already ahead of the curve, and their pivot to online operations was seamless and immediate.
  • Our customers with a typical in-house server had a lot more challenges and confusion. They dealt with complex issues to either set up a VPN or to “remote in” to their PC in the office.

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Where To Next?

Now that you understand how our Virtual Desktop service works, you may want to review the full details of our Cloud Consulting.