Technology Management Is A Proactive Process

Absence Of Tech Issues Is Our Objective

The first defense against tech problems is taking a proactive approach. That’s how we transform tech nightmares into carefree tech. Here’s a little about what proactive means when we work with you.

  • Alerts are set and monitored for anything that could be problematic. We like to fix issues before you even know a problem exists.
  • Patches are managed for you and kept up to date, so you aren’t vulnerable to security flaws.
  • Drivers are kept updated, so your hardware always runs optimally.
  • Enterprise level spam filter protects everyone from junk email.
  • Anti-phishing software and strict security policies protect your organization from sophisticated phishing. Criminals now target employees with “believable” attempts to get sensitive information or attempt a fraud. We use our online community of IT professionals to monitor the latest scams—and keep your company protected.
  • We document everything as we work. This means that we know your company inside out. Our techs have quick access to all historical information about your systems and setup.

When We Work With You…

We’re Responsible For 100% Of Your Network

You come to your office, and everything tech is working. You and your employees can actually get work done. You don’t have nasty surprises. The network doesn’t shut down. Computers aren’t crashing. You don’t have freakouts about backups, or virus infections, or ransomware. You may not even notice. After all who notices when they DON’T have problems.

Thinking Of Changing Your IT Managed Services Provider?

Use This Free Checklist To Vet Them

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  • Five pages of checklist items.
  • Know what questions to ask.
  • Understand why these questions are critical.

Where To Next?

Now you have an overview of how Technology Management fits into our IT Managed Services. Learn more about how we do Network Administration.