Managed Services Starts With Strategy

Long-Term Planning Is Critical To Growing Your Company

When we have our first conversation, we discuss your needs. There’s a reason you’re looking for an IT service. You have ongoing problems—probably a lot of them.

  • You have security issues and fear being attacked.
  • Support sucks up all your tech time just to put out fires.
  • Internet and applications are tooooooo slow, and waste work time.
  • You have nightmares about what would happen if your backup fails.
  • Your technology always feels like an out-of-control house of cards that could collapse at any time.
  • You need advice to plan and budget future technology investments.
  • You spend so much time worrying about technology, that it impacts your own productivity.

It’s Our Job To Fix Your Technology Problems

And Handle All Your Tech Issues

We enjoy being a calming presence and taking problems off your plate. We uncover every one of your tech problems. Then, we discuss various options to solve them. Together, we figure out the best long-term approach for your solutions. Then, we just handle the problems for you.

Technology Consulting Is An Integral Part Of Managed Services

You Have Your Own Virtual Chief Technology Officer

We start off with technology consulting, and it continues as long as we work together. If you’re considering technology investments, we discuss it. When you’re working on your budget, we’re right in there with recommendations. Once purchases are made, we make them work for you—optimally. We keep you covered. You can relax.

Thinking Of Changing Your IT Managed Services Provider?

Use This Free Checklist To Vet Them

Download our FREE Ultimate Checklist For IT Managed Services. Not only do we give you the most important questions to ask. We also explain why you need the answers.

  • Five pages of checklist items.
  • Know what questions to ask.
  • Understand why these questions are critical.

Where To Next?

Now you have an overview of how Technology Consulting fits into our IT Managed Services. Learn more about how we do Technology Management.