We Take A Different Approach To Tech Support

We Think Support Is Our “Face” To The Customer

Typically, managed IT services companies don’t value their tech support employees. We approach this differently. We think that tech support personnel represent us to our customers. That’s important! These are the attitudes we expect from our support team.

  • “We have you covered.”
  • “We’re here to resolve it for you.”
  • “We resolve it as quickly as possible.”
  • “We’re here if you need anything else.”

These are the things we tell our technicians.

  • “Make the customer happy.”
  • “Resolve the issues.”
  • “Focus on WOWing the customer.”
  • “Solve it on the first call.”
  • “Provide great follow-up.”

Support Services Is Reactive Response

Sometimes, There Are Going To Be Problems

Believe me, if we could make it so, you’d never have any tech support issues. That’s not realistic though. Things happen. You need a new application installed. Your camera doesn’t work. You want to set up email on a new phone. Yep, we handle all these kinds of things for you.

That’s Still Not Everything We Do…

That Is Better Than Our Competitors

We go out of our way to provide superior customer service. Here’s what else we do to make sure that’s what you get.

  • We have a dedicated dispatcher to distribute support calls. You’re not going to get some cranky tech. You’ll enjoy our dispatcher.
  • All our tech support staff knows the people they’re talking to. They have real relationships with customers. I smile when my customers ask about the lives of my employees…like “How’s Joe’s new baby?
  • We make sure our tech support has the information they need. Our large-organization clients complain about previous experiences they had where tech support didn’t have enough information to solve problems. We do it differently. We work as a team, empowering members to quickly access decades of technical knowledge by messaging each other.

Thinking Of Changing Your IT Managed Services Provider?

Use This Free Checklist To Vet Them

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Where To Next?

Now you understand how our IT Managed Services works. Next, you can learn about our Virtual Desktop.