Our Culture

We’re not just coworkers — we’re family

Technology Companies Tend To Be Sweat Shops

We Go Out Of Our Way To Be Different

One thing that differentiates SPN Networks from other IT service providers is our people. In hiring, we select not only for technical skills, but just as importantly for commitment to excellence. 

Excellence comes in many forms, and these are the ways we pursue excellence in our company.

  • Above all, our employees must be committed to serving your company and your growth needs.
  • We expect consistent employee technical growth, and provide industry-leading training programs.
  • Personal development plans keep our team growing—into better technicians and better people.
  • We foster a collaborative work environment where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas.
  • We believe that our brilliant team members have valuable opinions—ones that benefit our customers.

Customer Experience Is Driven By Our Values

Our Values Tell You What You Can Expect

What you can expect as a customer is a direct reflection of our core values. Our core values evolved from working with our customers. As each value became apparent, we intentionally adopted it. We want you to know our core values, so you can know what to expect from us.


Our Core Values

We Do What Is Right — Always

“The customer won’t know” is not an option. We do what’s right for you and your business—whether or not you see it.

We Are The Change We Seek

We embody the change we seek to see. Being loving brings more love. Understanding others expands world understanding.

We Exceed Expectations

WOWing customers is our normal. Above and beyond is how it should be. We give the best solution not just an OK one. Expect sweet surprises.

We Work Fearlessly

Our team of rock stars fixes problems whenever they see them. Initiative, creativity, drive and caring—those are our hiring criteria.

We Are One Step Ahead

We’re constantly scouting ahead keeping your technology on the leading edge. Our “early warning system” keeps your business safe—in every way.

We Stay Humble

We are here to be in service not to cop an attitude. There’s no place for technical arrogance, only “we’re here to help” thinking and behavior.

We Care For Our Community

We take responsibility for our community, quietly serving away from the spotlight. Recycling customer e-waste—without fanfare—is one example.

We Are Family

It’s amazing how the client benefits from a team working as family. We get into that “reading your mind” zone that takes our work into a higher dimension.

Another Thing You'll Notice about Us Is We Smile

In Fact, We Actually Hire Based on that Criteria

Before you think we’re wacko saying this out loud, let us explain. “We Smile” comes from two specific ideas.

  • First, we look for employees who are already naturally happy. Happy attitudes are infectious.
  • Second, we believe that when you work FROM our core values, it naturally makes you happy.

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Where To Next?

Now that you understand Our Culture, you have a better sense of what our core values are and what it would be like to work with us. To learn more about what our clients have to say about working with us, go to Our Clients.