Our Managed Services Provides
Complete IT Management

When We Say “IT Managed Services”,

Think of it as a systematic approach to IT that proactively keeps you protected. That gives you a good idea of what we mean.

To understand the IT Managed Services we provide, you need to see how we structure it.

  • There are four major components of a complete IT Managed Services approach.
  • They are essentially separate, but overlap in areas such as documentation, best practices, and communications.
  • Each segment is proactive except for Support—which is primarily reactive.
  • We provide smooth operations for your business as a result of our day-to-day strategic, proactive, and defensive IT management.

These Are The Four Essential Components…

Of The IT Managed Services We Provide

Technology Consulting—Strategy

  • Everything starts with your strategy.
  • We assess problems and plan solutions.
  • We lay out short-term and long-term tactics.
  • Explore business impact of technology decisions.
  • Design and pursue a solid plan that supports your business direction and growth plans.
  • Equivalent to a fractional CTO.

Technology Management—Proactive

  • Day-to-day monitoring and management of technology for optimization of resources.
  • Proactive approach to prevent problems and/or disruption of operations or security breaches.
  • Includes patch management, anti-virus, anti-spam, best practices, remote backup, documentation.

Support Services—Reactive

  • Handling of everyday type tech support issues.
  • React to problems as they arise and correct them.
  • Helpdesk support
  • On-Site support
  • “How To” questions
  • Remote support

Network Administration

  • Manages network for maximum uptime.
  • Protection of network, users and devices connected from any kind of cyber-attack.
  • Optimizes network speed and efficiency.
  • Keeps computer network up-to-date and operating as intended.
  • First line of defense for multiple computers and software platforms attached to a network.

Thinking Of Changing Your IT Managed Services Provider?

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Where To Next?

Now you have an overview of our IT Managed Services. Learn more about how we do Technology Consulting.