Are You Confused About The Cloud?

You Don’t Want To Leave Your Business At A Disadvantage

The word “cloud” has become an overused buzzword in the industry. Big players popularized the term to drive a migration to the cloud. At the same time, cloud is a vague word that few actually understand. Worse, overuse has made it meaningless, and few small businesses understand it.

“The Cloud” means that your IT infrastructure is entirely online. Even more importantly, the infrastructure belongs to and is managed by your cloud provider. What you do is to borrow and leverage that infrastructure while passing on all responsibility to another party. You also tap the IT expertise of the provider—without having to hire in-house.

The Key Thing For A Small Business Owner To Know:

Not Every Business Needs The Same “Amount” Of Cloud

Cloud solutions can be complete 100% “in the cloud”. Or, it might make sense for your business to run just a few applications in the cloud. It all depends on what you need, and what your business is working to accomplish.

The Cloud Isn’t Right For Every Business

Cloud Consulting Helps Determine Your Business’s Needs

Most small business owners start out full of questions about the cloud. It can be challenging to figure out the specific cloud needs of your own business. These are the kinds of questions you probably want to answer.

  • What makes you think you need to be on the cloud?
  • What’s not working that you think should be done on the cloud instead?
  • Does it actually make sense for your business to be on the cloud?
  • How much cloud does your business actually need?
  • Do you need to be 100% on the cloud?
  • Do you only need to move a few applications to the cloud?
  • At what speed do you need to move to the cloud?
  • How do you plan your migration to the cloud—and not interrupt operations?

We Offer Cloud Consulting To Identify Your Small Business Needs...

And Propose A Customized Solution

With Cloud Consulting, we work closely with you to put together a custom plan. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’re not expected to fit into a “template” for every business. We develop a solution that fits your current needs—and easily scales as your business grows. Here’s how Cloud Consulting works.

We Do In-Depth Needs Assessment

We have an in-depth session to listen and understand the needs of your business.

  • We make sure to understand the current state of your business.
  • During an extensive needs analysis, we identify all the problems you need to solve.
  • We answer all your cloud questions and clear up any misunderstandings.
  • This gets us to a solid appreciation of your real cloud needs.
    • Maybe you only need some kind of collaboration or file-sharing application such as Dropbox or ShareFile.
    • Some businesses simply need cloud email hosting such as Gmail.
    • You might need to have only a few apps in the cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) available to your whole organization. Office 365 Total Secure is an example.
    • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system may be the needed solution. Rather than the large outlay to buy and set up a phone system, you may just need a cloud-based VoIP solution instead. Ring Central is a VoIP solution.

We Discuss Potential Solutions

For most people, the cloud means bewildering options without knowing their best choice. In this step, the confusion ends.
  • We discuss options for how to solve your various problems.
  • The solutions we suggest are based on your needs rather than some version of “everybody’s moving to the cloud”.
  • We explain why we’re making the recommendations we make.
  • You get a clear picture of how everything would work once the solution’s in place.

Here are some of the types of solutions we might cover.

  • Backup
  • Office 365 Total Secure
  • Azure
  • ShareFile
  • GSuite
  • VoIP
  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtual Desktop

You Test Drive A Demo Of Your Customized Solution

We don’t leave you guessing how it would work; we actually let you try it out real time. You get a chance to test drive a demo of the solution we recommend.

This is a live demo, where we’ve introduced a sample set of your actual data. We show you folders that represent your actual functions. If you use QuickBooks, we can even import company information for your trial run. We try to give you an experience where you’re saying, “WOW, this is my email. This is my Outlook.”

For some customers, they just click into the sample data for a few minutes. Others want a longer test drive of a few hours or a few days. For them, it’s important to show it to different people in the different functions.

We Provide A Written Proposal, Including All Costs

At this point we get down to the dollars and cents of your actual monthly costs. We discuss the terms of agree and everything that you get. It’s important that you understand all the value we provide to your business.

Sign Up For Cloud Consulting For Your Business

One-On-One Consulting About Your Business’ Cloud Needs

You get a customized discussion about your needs and concerns. Have all your cloud questions answered. Understand the cloud and feel confident you know what you need to know.

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  • Know what questions to ask.
  • Understand why these questions are critical.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how Cloud Consulting works, you may want to review Our Culture to learn more about what you can expect from us when we work together.