One cloud platform to handle all your storage, backup, and recovery needs

For businesses, storage is an essential feature of cloud computing

But simply storing data in one on-premises server is a red flag. Unexpected disasters, cyberattacks, and human error all lead to catastrophic data loss, and these incidents happen more frequently than you might think. With SPN’s Azure platform, you can eliminate these problems by storing your data, messages, and applications in Microsoft’s highly secure data centers.

Azure is a scalable solution, meaning you can store large amounts of data per your subscription without any significant drop in server performance. It can also be used as a durable data backup and business continuity solution since Azure data is geo-replicated in multiple locations. And when you team up with SPN, our technicians will manage Azure patches, handle scaling, and perform other security-related tasks to keep your files accessible and available at all times.

Azure offers a range of benefits:

Advanced Admin Panel

Determine who has access to what data, and gain complete visibility into the security of your workload

Robust Security

Azure automates data replication and guarantees quick data recovery times should disasters strike

Improved Productivity

SPN provides round-the-clock threat detection once you implement Azure

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